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I look forward to hearing from you.  Even if you are  just in the initial planning stages, I can give you a quick estimate based upon years of experience serving corporations, retailers and non-profits.  If unsure on what to communicate initially, below are some key questions to help get the ball rolling.


1. Describe type of image capture you are seeking in as much detail as possible.  Samples are appreciated if matching a look or style.

2. Outcome expectations and end use of the images.  

3. Timeline and shoot location details if known.


1. How many individuals are needing headshots?

2. Location for the headshots (business / home address)?

3. Set dates or open to our availability?

4. Prints or digital delivery of images?


1. How many individuals?

2. Desired location (outdoors, office, home, other)?

3. Set dates or open to our availability?

4. If known, describe style/look you are seeking which can include end purpose/use.

5. Prints or digital delivery of images?

Event Photography

1. How many hours of coverage each day?

2. Event dates and location?

3. Single or multiple photographers needed?

4. Any special needs beyond standard event coverage?

5. Prints or digital delivery of images?

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